LeadingAge Iowa Wage & Benefit Survey

Welcome to the LeadingAge Iowa Wage and Benefit Survey. This survey is a comprehensive program that allows users to compare detailed information regarding wages and benefits. LeadingAge Iowa offers this survey as a valuable tool for members to use in their efforts to compensate employees in a fair and competitive manner while maintaining compliance with antitrust laws.

The wage information captures a wide range of applicable job categories for the membership including leadership positions, nursing, home health, therapy, dietary and environmental services. The benefits portion of the survey covers a wide range of benefits including insurance, vacation/PTO, retirement and other ancillary benefits. The survey contains four parts:

  • Wage Survey
  • Demographics
  • Workforce Trends
  • Survey Results Recipient

Members please complete the salary survey to the best of your ability. Members who complete to the best of their ability will receive a complimentary copy of the results.

If you have any questions please contact Dawn Balder at 515.440.4630 or by email dbalder@leadingageiowa.org.

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